Professional Services

Tax- Pension area

FlechaTax and pension planning in order to optimize the tax and social security burden.

FlechaTax and customs consulting in import-export operations.

FlechaTax-Pension advice.

FlechaTax-Pension Outsourcing.

FlechaProcessing of work visas in Argentina for the expatriate staff of foreign companies.

Audit and Outsourcing Area

FlechaAdministrative and accounting outsourcing (accounting records, reports to the Board or Shareholders, preparation of financial statements in Argentine and international standards).

FlechaProfessional Services Financial Statements Audit prepared in accordance with Argentine or International standards.

FlechaThe audit is based on a detailed understanding of the business and its processes, which allows us to make recommendations to optimize the overall management and support the managers in their roles.

FlechaReview of internal controls, operational sectors, accounting procedures, information systems, financial statements and general accounting information.